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More than 20 years’ experience in Chinese medicine


Our work involves rebalancing the body and restoring health by providing specific treatment tailored to the patient as an individual using a range of different approaches.


My interests and specialisms span different areas of dermatology – acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, perioral dermatitis, allergies -and psychosomatic illnesses.

I work in French, English, Spanish and Farsi.


The unique aspect of Chinese medicine is that it provides a powerful and independent system of diagnosis that looks beyond symptoms to find their underlying cause.


Traditional Chinese medicine seeks to restore this balance through treatment tailored to the individual.


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 Our treatments are covered by RME and ASCA.

Four key principles of traditional Chinese medicine

  • Your body is an integrated whole. Every structure in your body is an integral and necessary part of the whole.

  • You are completely connected to nature. Changes in nature are always reflected in your body.

  • You were born with a natural capacity for self-healing.

  • Prevention is the best medicine.

Professional Experience

2002-2003 Hospital of Vietnam Institute of Traditional Medicine, Hanoi, Vietnam.

2006 Herbal Apprenticeship. Shenzhou Open University, Amsterdam, Holland.

2012- 2014 Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, California, United States. Clinical hours were conducted in geriatrics, cancer, sports medicine, and young women offenders.

Education and Degrees

1973-1977 Bachelor’s degree in English and Psychology, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

1977-1980 Master of Public Administration (Human Resources), American University, Washington D.C., USA

1983 Qualification in “Los Estudios Hispánicos”, Salamanca, Spain

1996-2000 Qualification in Naturopathy, C.E.M.D.


(Collège Enseignement des Médecines Douces), Yverdon-les-Bains, CH

2000 Qualification in the Practice of Alternative Medicine, Saarbrücken, Germany

2001-2004 Qualification in Acupuncture, Academy of Chinese Healing Arts (Chi Way), Winterthur, CH

2004-2007 Qualification in Chinese Herbology, Academy of Chinese Healing Arts (Chi Way), Winterthur, CH

2009 Certificate of Feng Shui, Jon Sandifer, London, UK

2012-2014 Master of Science “Traditional Oriental Medicine”, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM), San Diego, CA, USA

2016 California Board of Acupuncture CALE (California Licensed Acupuncturists), San Diego, CA, USA

2017 Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM), San Diego, CA, USA

2020 Qualification in Chinese Dermatology, Avicenna (Mazin Alkhafagi), Milpitas, CA, USA

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