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Your body is a temple.

Treat it with respect and the care it needs.

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Various Chinese medicine treatments

Acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping and other traditional Chinese practices

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Here to support your health and well-being

La Clinique Holistique de Montreux treats each patient as a unique individual.

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Traditional Chinese medicine

Welcome to La Clinique Holistique de Montreux.


The treatments and attention we give to each patient are based on the credence that our bodies are our temples.

What we do to our bodies and what we use to maintain and care for them are important.


We work closely with each patient . Our treatments are tailored to your needs.


Acupuncture is often combined with other methods of treatment to rebalance the body more swiftly and effectively.

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The practice

A calm atmosphere, welcoming approach and holistic care for body and soul.

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Our traditional Chinese treatments

Acupuncture, auriculotherapy, herbal medicine, cupping, Gua Sha, moxibustion, scalp therapy, sympathetic therapy, hypnotherapy and more.

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Contact & appointments

Our experienced therapist is available to answer your queries or book an appointment.


I started to have arthritis several years ago. I had difficulty sleeping for a while and had to take sleeping pills. After receiving acupuncture and cupping treatments from Dre. Essalat-Weber, I felt relieved and I was able to sleep better. I am very happy and grateful for the results. In addition, Dre. Essalat-Weber's nutritional advice was very helpful to me. Although many years have passed since the treatment, his suggestions have helped me maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I also appreciate its spiritual character.


I had the pleasure of using the therapeutic services of Dre. Essalat-Weber for two distinct problems. I had suffered from digestive disturbances and continuous bloating sensations for an extended period of time. Dre. Essalat-Weber helped me identify the root causes in my diet, and combined with a mix of natural remedies, she was able to eradicate this discomfort.


On another occasion, I was in terrible shape because of a nasty flu virus that was going on. Dre. Essalat-Weber gave me a suction cup and recommended a series of natural substances for me to take, as well as advice on which parts of the body to protect and keep warm. I took his advice, which has served me as a prevention tool ever since. I can count on the fingers of one hand the times I have had health problems since I started putting his advice into practice.

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